Polybase DB is a privacy preserving decentralized database, built on zk-STARKs. We use a zk-rollup combined with native indexing to allow decentralized database rules, fast queries and scalable writes.

At a high level, Polybase DB is a NoSQL-like database, with validation rules written in a JavaScript like language. The SDK is similar to Firestore and Supabase.

Polybase DB is better than using a centralized database like Firebase, Postgres or Supabase because it has built-in web3 permissions. You can do row-level token gating and wallet-based permissions. Additionally, you can encrypt data using wallets for "self sovereign data" and verifiably query Polybase DB from smart collections (coming soon).

Polybase DB is better than storing data on-chain because it's a thousand to a million times cheaper than on-chain storage. For example, storing 1MB on Ethereum costs around $10,000.

Blockchains are not built for scalable structured data storage so we built Polybase DB to combine the best attributes of web2 databases and blockchains.

You can get started in under 5 minutes.

Polybase DB Docs