Polybase gives data wiiings


Sid Gandhi

Sep 26, 2022


Through a decentralized database infrastructure, Polybase creates three new data paradigms: user owned data, open data economy and trustless automation. Here we talk about what those mean and why it matters to users and enterprises.

User owned data

Today, companies and users have to trust apps to safeguard their data and allow access to it. That trust has been broken too many times. Customers create the content that allows large platforms to become tremendously valuable, yet receive none of that value. Enterprises using SaaS have their data siloed in various apps, making it difficult to mine data for insights or create efficient automations.

Polybase enables true data ownership, proofs around that data and the ability to run queries across all the data you create.

Open data economy

Smart contracts enabled programability of money and value. As we know in the last few decades, data is the new gold of our economy. Gathering data, controlling access to it and generating insights from it underpins the most successful enterprises in today’s world. Yet this capability is not available to smaller companies and consumers.

Polybase enables the automated interchangeability of money and data, create a new open data economy.

Trustless automation

Trustless automation allows service providers to set guarantees about their actions with smart contracts. If they breach those guarantees, smart contracts can automatically trigger actions to compensate users. Smart contracts already accomplish this in decentralized finance, but to scale to the rest of the software world they require a native database solution.

Polybase enables auto-enforcing incentives at scale which ensures not only that companies won’t be evil — but that they can’t.


There is quite a lot we need to build on top of Polybase to unlock these new paradigms and we’re excited to partner with some of the best projects and communities in web3 to make it happen.

If you’d like to build a key use case on top of Polybase, tweet at us and we’ll get you access.