Polybase at SmartCon 2023



Oct 6, 2023

Recently, our team had the opportunity to attend SmartCon in Barcelona. It was an amazing setting to talk about the future of Web3 with the Chainlink community. It was great vibes all around, and so inspiring to see so many like-minded individuals come together to discuss, debate, and shape the future of the industry.

Spotlight Moments on Stage

We felt honored to take the stage twice during the event:

  1. The On-Chain Privacy Dialogue: Our founders Sid and Calum delved deep into the significance of on-chain privacy. They shed light on striking the balance between ensuring privacy without sidelining regulatory compliance. Watch our talk here: On-chain Privacy with Sid & Calum

  2. Zero Knowledge – A Panel Discussion: Sid had the opportunity to join forces with some of the most prominent names in the blockchain infrastructure arena to discuss OTC, zero knowledge, and the future of web3. The discourse navigated through the achievements of the past years, the trending innovations, and culminated in a thought-provoking debate: What’s next in the blockchain infrastructure space? Watch the panel here: From ZK to OTC: Understanding the Web3 ‘Infra’ Stack

In Conversation with Nasdaq

In addition to these on-stage talks, Sid was also interviewed by the renowned Jill Malandrino, the Global Markets Reporter at Nasdaq. Their discussion revolved around why privacy is poised to be the the next big thing in blockchain and explored the potential impact of zero knowledge on the blockchain landscape. Watch the interview here: Why the Future of Blockchain is Privacy - A Nasdaq Discussion

Introducing Polylang

We also took this opportunity to unveil Polylang to the world. This has been a project we’ve been working on to make zero knowledge development easier, faster, and more familiar by building a typescript-like language. You can check out Polylang here or read our blog to learn more.

As we reflect on our experience at SmartCon, our outlook on the future of privacy on chain remains bright. We're eager to continue our journey, collaborate with fellow visionaries in the industry, and build the next iteration of Polybase.