Introducing: Polylang



Oct 3, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our new language Polylang, the Typescript for Zero Knowledge 🤐

Polylang allows developers to write smart contracts that compile down to zero knowledge programs verified using xk-STARKs with the ease of a Javascript or Typescript. In other words, no more coding in Assembly or other clunky languages when you're trying to build a complex smart contract.

Polylang is open-source and implemented in Rust, which makes it very accessible for many blockchain developers. It can be used as a CLI or as a library (or crate). We’ve already seen some great responses from devs in the space, including some nice shoutouts from Polygon and CoinDesk.

Check out the Polylang website for more information, play around with the language in our playground, and let us know your thoughts in our Twitter thread!