Custom Changelog


Calum Moore

May 8, 2023



As web3 developers, managing project changes and releases efficiently is crucial for productivity and maintaining a clear development roadmap. In this blog post, we will explore the newly introduced custom changelog feature in Polybase, designed to streamline the release process and save you valuable time. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can centralize your change listings, automate release processes, and ensure a faster and clearer communication flow within your team.

Streamlining Release Process

Polybase's custom changelog is a game-changer in managing project changes and releases. With this feature, you can consolidate all your changes in one place, making it easier to track and communicate updates to your team and users. The intuitive interface of the changelog enhances the user experience, especially for those who prefer a dark-mode theme.

Automating Release Processes and Resolving Bugs

One of the key benefits of Polybase's custom changelog is the ability to automate various aspects of the release process. By streamlining the release workflow, you can save significant time and reduce the risk of human error. Calum, our CTO, mentions that the new changelog addresses several bugs in the release process, such as broken NPM releases and incorrect version numbers. These improvements ensure smoother and more reliable releases, allowing you to focus on development rather than time-consuming manual processes.

Simplifying Complex Release Dependencies

Web3 development often involves building multiple layers of interconnected tools and libraries. When releasing a specific component, such as Polylang, it can become challenging to manage the dependencies and updates required by other associated components. Polybase's custom changelog simplifies this process by providing visibility into the interconnected updates. You can easily identify and update the relevant components, reducing the complexity and ensuring a streamlined release cycle.

Leveraging the Power of Polybase Integration

The custom changelog seamlessly integrates with Polybase DB, providing enhanced functionality for logged-in users. When logged in with your wallet, you gain access to additional features and views. In addition to the regular release section, you can explore the pre-release section. This section allows you to add updates based on recent commits, providing a convenient way to select the specific changes you want to include. By leveraging the power of Polybase integration, you can customize your changelog to reflect the most relevant updates for your project.

Optimizing Collaboration and Communication

The custom changelog in Polybase fosters collaboration within your development team. As you add and edit changes in the changelog, you can involve team members and stakeholders to review and provide input. The intuitive interface allows for seamless collaboration, ensuring that all team members are aligned with the progress of the project. Furthermore, the integration with Discord enables automatic notifications when a release is published, keeping everyone informed and fostering effective communication.


The custom changelog in Polybase empowers web3 developers to optimize their release processes and save valuable time. By centralizing change listings, automating release workflows, and simplifying complex dependencies, you can streamline your development cycle and improve productivity. Leverage the power of PolyBase integration to customize your changelog, ensuring clear and effective communication within your team. Embrace the new era of efficient project management with Polybase's custom changelog, and witness the time-saving benefits it brings to your web3 development journey.